The cultures of art and wine meet in the Farina Winery, thanks to the collaboration with the Artericambi Gallery in Verona. Three exhibitions of works by internationally-renowned contemporary artists will be on display in our winery over the course of 2023. The winery's minimalist design ties in perfectly with the pieces selected ad hoc by the Artericambi Gallery for the exhibitions.

The inaugural exhibition opens with a series of the most significant, award-winning, and recognized works by Argentine artist Mariano Sardón, who has been working for years in transdisciplinary processes, mixing art with artificial intelligence, data visualization and computer animation, and neuroscience.

Through new technologies, particularly in the video installation "The Wall of Gazes," the artist will lead visitors to reflect on the human dimension and the common propensity of observation in a new and innovative way.

Art Ferment is a rare opportunity to view the 2005 sculpture "Für Paul Celan" by renowned German artist Anselm Kiefer, on loan from a private collection.



The work displayed in the 16th-century courtyard is part of a series dedicated to the Jewish poet Paul Celan. It is an exemplary expression of Kiefer's work, which is interested in exploring the impact of history and the horrors of war on the individual and society, alongside his interest in mythology, Kabbalah, and alchemy. Remembering, as the artist has repeatedly stated, destruction is the prelude to a new beginning.

The Art Ferment exhibition represents a continuation of Farina's commitment to cultural events, an accompaniment to their wine revolution which embraces sustainability, transparency, ethics, hospitality, and tradition.

"We are proud of the Art Ferment, a project that perfectly aligns with the modernity and style that distinguishes us. We are a contemporary company that has evolved from a peasant tradition, and I think organizing an exhibition of this caliber is a great satisfaction for my family," says Claudio Farina from the headquarters in Pedemonte, in the heart of Valpolicella Classica.

Elena Farina adds, "My cousin and I cultivate an insatiable curiosity about the arts and design - they are often sources of inspiration in the winery. The early works carry strong messages about the human condition from the past and the future of the present - an evocation of our vision of an evolving tradition in constant ferment, learning from the past on a path of improvement. We hope it is a way to live and savor this cultural wine experience of the highest quality at Farina."

Finally, Francesco Pandian, director of Artericambi Gallery, says, "Our artists are excited to participate in this refreshing combination, rich in experimentation, vision, and an attentive pursuit of the full sensory experience of art and wine. Engaging with the Farina family in the beautiful spaces of the winery was a wonderful experience enriched even more by their sincere hospitality and professionalism."

Art Ferment embraces three key dates and runs until December 15, 2023.

March 28, 2023 - invitation-only vernissage
June 2023 - opening of the second exhibition
October 2023 - third and final appointment during ArtVerona

The first exhibition will continue through May 14 and will be open to visitors by reservation with a guided tasting. The visits will become an unforgettable moment of discovery on two Fridays a month. They will include a guided tour by the Artericambi team, followed by a special wine tasting, illustrating the evolution of the Farina family's wine project.

Art Ferment promises to be an event to remember. In particular, the private vernissage on March 28 will bring together wine and art enthusiasts, who will be delighted by a wine and food experience of the highest level. The evening will conclude with an art-themed dinner created by Michelin-starred Chef Mattia Bianchi of the Amistà Restaurant.