The Farina winery is one of the most dynamic in the Valpolicella Classica wine world, a region dedicated to the production of quality wines. In its more than 100 years of history, the company has consolidated a trustworthy international reputation, so much so that it currently generates an export of 70% of its production.


A century of history confirms the Farina family’s commitment to the land, the vineyard and the art of making wine. Documents from the early 1900s tell of their past as sharecroppers within one of Valpolicella Classica's most historic farmhouses.

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Cellar & Vinification

Farina‘s winemaking has always been characterized by a sense of value and a strong identity that over the last twenty years has been reinforced by effective choices in innovation and sustainability, allowing them to introduce well-received and critically-acclaimed milestone crus from single vineyards and original blends. The wines come from carefully selected grapes that are handled with equal care in the cellar.

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The concept of transparency is the characterizing principle of the Farina company, embodied in the “Farina Transparency” project. If in the past, in the farming world, transparency could be defined even by just a handshake, today in the wine sector it is important to be clear in declaring the origin of the grapes and who produces them. “Farina Transparency” has precisely this objective: to make the systematic documentation of each phase of production available to the public, from the vineyards to the communication and marketing of the wines of the winery.

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