Farina is a family business where the values of love, honesty, generosity, cooperation and respect reverberate beyond the confines of our homes and winery to the Valpolicella community, those who work with us, and the land that has been so generous to us.

We've encapsulated our commitment to the people we work with through the Transparency project. It requires that suppliers, importers and collaborators be "profiled" and "monitorable". From a more personal point of view, we want to share the stories of the people who have helped make Farina what it is today. The full data set is published on the farinatransparency.com website. Anyone can access information about the winegrowers, employees, importers and consultancies. Detailed information about the winegrowers include: family name, company photos, history, description of the vineyard’s area, surface, altitude, farming system, vines, exposure, and soil composition. The database is updated periodically. The visual repertoire presents the stages of maturation and management of the vineyard, and interviews with the vignerons.

We believe that a positive, healthy community is just as key to the health of the Valpolicella, as the many actions we continue to implement towards sustainability in the vineyard and winery.

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