Farina winery is among the magnificent 7 in the Best of Wine Tourism competition, the businesses that have distinguished themselves from others in a special way and which will compete for the Global Best of Wine Tourism Award along with the award-winning candidates in the other Great Wine Capitals (Gwc).

On June 7th, the Best of Wine Tourism awards ceremony was held, an initiative of the Verona Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Great Wine Capitals. A total of 103 wineries and supply chain service businesses participated in the competition this year, a sign of the importance the local community places on wine tourism.

The judges chose Farina, "For supporting the dialogue between Art and wine culture by creating exhibitions of works by contemporary artists of international significance, within the winery environments, whose design lends itself perfectly to displaying the works of art selected as part of the "Art Ferment" project."

Art Ferment is, in fact, a project with a broader purpose than a mere exhibition of works. The collaboration with the Artericambi gallery stems from the desire to savor art and wine in a different way for both art and wine collectors, but also for those who come for a tour of our winery immersed in a surprising and scenic experience.

The Farina family has always been a key player in the area with collaborations ranging from sports to health and cultural activities. Art Ferment is a further step in line with Elena and Claudio's desire to create high-profile initiatives with other partners of excellence in the Verona area.

Elena Farina explains, "Wine and art live a close bond, testifying to human genius, intuition, ambition and perseverance, celebrating beauty and arousing emotions. We select works that can integrate with the different souls of our winery, that manage to dialogue with the beauty of Valpolicella, and that allow people to grasp the importance of a cultural and intellectual approach associated with the world of wine."

We are still savoring the presence of the celebrated Fur Paul Celan sculpture by artist Anselm Kiefer, recently in the spotlight for Wim Wender’s biographical film presented at the Cannes Film Festival in June. On display at the same time are artist Mariano Sardòn's unexpectedly beautiful works contextualized inside the new barrel cellar alongside our gres ceramic vats and raw concrete tulips.

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