When we opened the doors to our newly renovated hospitality structure in 2021, we launched ambitious plans to become a top wine tourism destination in Valpolicella. In just two years, Farina has reached the pinnacle of recognition. On October 26th in Lausanne, Farina won the Great Wine Capitals International Award 2024 for Best in Wine Tourism Farina is one of the 75 wineries that the Jury of Great Wine Capitals selected among 551 nominations from the 12 wine capitals worldwide that make up the Great Wine Capitals network. The first step to this recognition came last June, when the veronese jury awarded seven wineries including Farina for the category of Art and Culture. Elena Farina and hospitality manager, Silvia Coati, received the coveted Global Award from Italian ambassador in Switzerland, Gian Lorenzo Cornado. For those of you who know us, we invite you to vote for us at www.greatwinecapitals.com as part of the People’s Choice Awards from October 30th to November 13th, another occasion to affirm the excellence of Farina’s wine tourism through those who have experienced our hospitality firsthand.

"The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards," explained Paolo Arena, the appointed representative of the Verona Chamber of Commerce for wine tourism, "are celebrating their 20th edition this year, showcasing the best of wine tourism globally and inspiring the wine industry to reach new heights of innovation and visitor experience. They also recognize the unparalleled contribution of vineyards, wineries, and wine-related businesses to the world of wine tourism." In 2023, Farina launched the Art Ferment project in collaboration with the Verona based international art gallery Artericambi as an addition to an already engaging and successful winery tour. The exhibitions have included the works of high-caliber international artists that set Farina apart by elevating the sensorial, cultural and artistic aesthetic for wine enthusiasts in an incomparable wine experience. Farina’s commitment to the arts and territory has been a constant since cousins Elena and Claudio Farina took the reins of the company two decades ago. The quality of the Art Ferment project is the perfect pairing to the enological excellence of the Farina winery. They explain, "We are honored to have received this significant acknowledgment, confirming the synergy we've pursued between Wine and Art. The Art Ferment exhibition represents the continuation of Farina's commitment to the cultural world, starting with a real oenological revolution that embraces sustainability, transparency, ethics, hospitality, and tradition." “The victory in Lausanne was flattering but moreover, it testifies to the commitment and passion of the entire Farina team," adds Silvia Coati. "It will certainly be a stimulus to further enrich our wine tourism proposals.”

Farina wines has roots in the Valpolicella Classica dating back to the 16th century in Pedemonte, Verona. Today, the family-owned winery is managed by cousins Elena and Claudio Farina. In its over 100 years history, the company has consolidated an authoritative international reputation, so much so that it currently generates exports 70% of its production. The company headquarters is in Pedemonte, at the heart of Valpolicella. The winery’s site is in its historical location, where the winemaking facilities have been expanded and modernized, and new spaces to welcome visitors have been created. In the last 20 years, the company has invested heavily in the production areas’ expansion and modernization and creating comfortable, airy reception areas to host customers and wine lovers for visits and tastings. Wine tourism is a strategic activity of the Farina company. It reflects deep ties to the Valpolicella community and the vineyards which provide Farina’s grapes. Great Wine Capitals was founded in 1999 as a community of global cities that share a common economic and cultural asset - their connection to internationally renowned wine regions. The Great Wine Capitals Global Network brings together various global wine capitals under a shared brand. The Great Wine Capitals Global Network exists to connect cities linked to major wine regions in order to support the health and prosperity of their respective wine-related industries, communities, and tourism. The network facilitates the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experiences; it stimulates business, innovation, and friendships.