Entrepreneurs, art collectors, and distinguished guests gathered at our winery on Tuesday, March 28, with a star-studded dinner prepared by Chef Mattia Bianchi of Amistà Restaurant to inaugurate the first of three art exhibitions to be held in 2023 in collaboration with Artericambi Gallery. 

We, before wine, live on relationships, and a creative ferment was only natural when we met Francesco and Cristina Pandian of the Verona-based Artericambi gallery during their recent visit to the winery. The minimal and rigorous design of the winery provides a fitting yet original backdrop for hosting contemporary art, and we are bent on improving Farina for our guests and us. In fact, in 2022, with the launch of Amarone Riserva 2011 Mezzadro alla Fontana, Farina embarked on a parallel path toward territorial collaborations with a shared spirit toward excellence. 

In just 15 days, we saw the installation of the majestic Fur Paul Celan work by artist Anselm Kiefer on loan from a private collector, lowered from the crane and assembled in the historic courtyard. We experienced such a stunning color match of Argentinian artist Mariano Sardòn's works that when observing, one might think the pieces had been commissioned for the cellar. Instead, it is the work of Cristina and Francis' vision. Both artists invite different pauses for reflection, inspired by the past and the future. From these reflections, we pause to appreciate the evolution of our traditions in a glass of wine. 

This small sharing of images will be a stimulus for planning an upcoming visit to Farina. We have created an exclusive tasting on the occasion of the three guided tours of the artworks led by the Artericambi team. This exhibition will be followed by two more in June and October at Art Verona.