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A glass of this Rosso Veronese recounts the history and nobility of the sixteenth-century patronal house, the heart and soul of the Farina family. The IGT wine "Corte Conti Cavalli" is a celebratory tribute to the noble Veronese family who lived here in grace, as members of the powerful Court of the Scaligeri in the 14th century. A wine with personality and structure, it comes from a slight drying of Corvina, with a touch of Merlot, to give it softness and harmonious notes. Floral and fresh fruit fragrances inebriate the nose, the taste is soft and round, with tannins that blend with the texture of the wine and the spicy finish.


60% Corvina, 30% Merlot, 10% Molinara and Oseleta


Municipality of San Pietro in Cariano


50% barriques, 50% stainless steel, subsequent refinement in the bottle

Alcohol content

14% vol.


0,750 / 1,500

Organoleptic notes

Brilliant ruby red colour. Red fruit jams with hints of raspberry, ginger, wood and spices inebriate the nose, expand and multiply. In the mouth it is full, harmonious, enveloping.


It goes well with red meats, boiled meats, roasts and medium-aged cheeses.

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