Farina offers two immersive vineyard and winery tours followed by a guided tasting of six of our most iconic wines served with a platter of locally-sourced artisanal charcuterie or a gourmet light lunch. Learn about sustainable low-impact viticulture in traditional vineyards. Discover a winery steeped in history that has integrated sustainable technologies and innovative concrete and ceramic vats in the cellar to obtain ever-more pristine expressive wines.

A visit to Farina is a dive into the winemaking traditions of the Valpolicella Classica. The recently renovated cellar becomes an exciting multi-dimensional experience for visitors and wine lovers. The areas of the newly built company reflect a modern Nordic atmosphere flooded with brightness, which integrates harmoniously with the more historic spaces of the cellar, carefully renovated.Enjoy a relaxing informative tour among the vineyards owned by the family and in the traditions of the centuries-old winemaking wisdom of Valpolicella, integrated with sustainable technologies and innovative materials for aging such as cement and ceramics, to obtain more expressive and naturally aged wines.

Come visit the historic barrel cellar, before moving to the comfort of the spacious wine boutique, where a delicious guided wine tastings are accompanied by gourmet light lunches or artisan products carefully selected by the family.