CategoryClassicsTypologyBardolino DOCVintage2021

A fragrant wine colored and scented as rose petals. Made with the best grapes from the traditional hilly area around Verona, which is reflected in the Lake Garda. The perfect rosè vinification technology, with a short maceration of the marc, enhances its natural aromas, delicate yet forceful.


60% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 15% Molinara


Hills east of Lake Garda


100% stainless steel, subsequent refinement in the bottle

Alcohol content

12% vol.



Organoleptic notes

Pink colour. It is fresh, it smells of wild rose and violet, which over time are completed by the fruitiness of raspberries, peach and black cherry. On the palate it is soft but dry, delicate, salty, lively and harmonious.


Excellent as an aperitif, it excels with first courses, fried fish, shellfish and white meats.

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