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The name Recioto, descendant of the Roman Retico wine and ancestor of Amarone, appears in Verona towards the end of the 1800s derived from the dialectal word "recia" (ear) that indicates the most delicious, ripe and sweet part of the bunch. Cassiodorus, Minister of Theodoric, already described the particular processing technique: "the grape selected during autumn is hung upside down. It withers, it does not corrupt with ageing, and oozing the flavorless fluids, it sweetens with great gentleness". The Recioto Farina follows the traditional withering of its grapes in the fruttai (drying loft), then the aging in steel maintains the fruity floral essence that makes it an excellent accompaniment to desserts.


60% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 15% other grape varieties


Hills of Negrar


A few months in stainless steel, followed by refinement in the bottle

Alcohol content

12.5% vol.


0,500 / 0,750

Organoleptic notes

Intense ruby red colour. The nose is fruity and floral, reminiscent of violets and wild roses, which become an expression of raspberries, red currants and black cherry jam. Velvety and lovable taste, soft, sweet but never cloying.


It is a wonderful dessert wine, to be savored with dry and chocolate desserts.

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